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Solve the most urgent problems in climate and build the solutions - become a cofounder of a scalable climatetech startup through Carbon13’s Venture Builder in Germany.

What we're looking for

We're looking for scientists, engineers and inventors to become co-founders of startups that fight climate change, through joining our eight-month Venture Builder - the next cohort of 70+ EU-based founders starts 26th September.

Whether you're working on a startup idea already or not, you'll use the Venture Builder to find a cofounder, develop the idea, and launch an investable startup with the potential to mitigate emissions by millions of tonnes.

You'll join a cohort of over 70 founders, made up of scientists, experienced founders, leaders from emitting industries, engineers, sustainability leaders, and more. The average age is usually around 37, but our youngest and oldest participants have been 23 and 60+ respectively.

All are ready to find a cofounder and start working now on solutions that can reduce carbon emissions by millions of tonnes.

Apart from a few days in Berlin, you can participate in the rest of the programme remotely.

What startups have scientists and engineers built on Carbon13?

Through the eight-month Venture Builder, deeptech and science-based ventures that founders have launched so far include

  • Materials Nexus - materials discovery through quantum computing
  • Nium - green ammonia, replacing Haber-Bosch
  • Sun Bear Biofuture - alternative palm oil through precision fermentation
  • Biozeroc- carbon negative concrete
  • Ki Hydrogen - biomass electrolsysis for low energy green hydrogen production
  • Bluemethane - methane capture from water

You can view our portfolio of 60+ ventures at

Working on a startup idea or IP?

Many entrepreneurial scientists and engineers choose our Venture Builder because they're already working on an idea or have IP which they want to develop and commercialise. However, this is not a requirement and around half our technical founders do not have an idea for a climate startup. You will either be supported to find an idea to develop which can significantly reduce emissions, or join a cofounder/team who bring IP or an idea or strong insights into an emitting industry

Half of our ventures are software, half are science-based/hardtech.

Applications will open soon - put your name on the waiting list!

  • Berlin Cohort 3 starts 26th September - Join our waiting list here:

It is possible to start this programme alongside a full time job and many of the 80 cohort members choose to do so. Please get in touch if you have questions about the time commitment.

Carbon13's mission: Save the climate and aim big - before it's too late

Carbon13 is the Venture Builder for the Climate Emergency. We grew out of the Cambridge university ecosystem of innovation and have expanded to Berlin in Germany, the heart of climatetech in the EU.

We are laser-focused on supporting founders solving for the climate, and the climate only. To do that, we ask every new founder on our Venture Builder to aim big, to build a solution with the potential to reduce carbon dioxide (or equivalent greenhouse gases) by 10 million tonnes per year when at scale - and all our support is designed to help you reach that figure.

Why? The climate doesn't have time for us to waste on false starts, tinkering at the edges, or greenwashing.

Learn More

We are running a series of webinars available to everyone who would like to learn more about Carbon13 and how to build startups with breakthrough solutions for the climate. Our next one for developers and data scientists can be found here -

Carbon13 in numbers:

- £7.5+ million investment across 64 ventures since 2021

- 70% of first 32 have already raised further funding

- 50% of the ventures are software, 50% science or hardware based

- 70 potential cofounders on every cohort

- 35 technical, 35 commercial cofounders

- 90% of each cohort forms a cofounding team within Phase 1

- 350 domain experts, carbon experts, entrepreneurs in residence

- 10 million tonnes of emissions every year. We only launch startups that have the potential to reduce emissions by 10 million tonnes.

We caused climate change. Let's fix it.