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This task consists of identifying issues related to translations on web pages, using specific devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac), and answer a series of questions required.

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The purpose of this task is to identify issues related to translations on web pages, in order to train the AI.

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• English (United States)-Arabic (U.A.E.)

• Arabic (U.A.E.)-English (United States)

• English (United States)-Spanish (Spain)

• English (United States)-French (France)

• Spanish (Spain)-English (United States)

• French (France)-English (United States)

• German (Germany)-English (United States)

• English (United States)-German (Germany)

• English (United States)-Portuguese (Brazil)

• English (United States)-Turkish (Turkey)

• Dutch (Netherlands)-English (United States)

• Portuguese (Brazil)-English (United States)


• You are a native speaker of the target and fluent of the source language.

• Must have strong linguistic background.

• Must pass the required certification.

• It is compulsory to use specific devices (iPhone (iOS 17), iPad (iOS 17) and Mac (macOS 14 Sonoma) to carry out the task.

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We will provide guidelines and instructions, so you understand what to expect and what to do with the project.

Interested? Join our ???????? ???????????????? 2 - ?????????????????????? team today! Simply go to our website, and do the following steps:

1.) Create your OneForma Profile through this link:

2.) Go to ???????? Tab.

3.) Click on ??????????????????????.

4.) Apply for the project: ???????? ???????????????? 2 - ?????????????????????? (Language pair you're applying for)

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Due to the nature of the project, you MUST be a native speaker of one of the languages stated above in order to apply. If you are not, please do not apply or your application will be automatically rejected.

Our projects are very popular, and we receive hundreds of applications every day. We would love to reply to all of them, but it is sometimes impossible to do so. For this reason, if you haven't heard from us 7-10 working days after submitting your application, you can consider it rejected.

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Our mission is to bridge the gap between AI creators and industry leaders by bringing best practices in Generative AI to unicorn innovators and enterprise customers. We aim to help these organizations unlock significant business value by leveraging Generative AI at scale, ensuring they stay at the forefront of technological advancement and maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets.”