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Set up in 1971, EROWA AG is now a globally operating organization for the development, production, consultation and distribution of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology in tool- and mold-making, as well as production and precision mechanics. In its main areas of activity, clamping technology and automation, EROWA is among the world‘s leaders.

It is on the basis of our own experience of 50 years that we are convinced that the development of our tooling systems and automation solutions constitutes an essential cornerstone of the successful production of high-precision workpieces - not least because of the outstanding repeatability and long lifecycle of our products.

Our extremely high degree of manufacturing know-how, our engineering competence and our rigorous service focus are the driving forces of EROWA‘s mission: to increase productivity and to satisfy customers.

EROWA‘s headquarters are based in Büron in Central Switzerland. With our 11 subsidiaries, 22 representations and worldwide customer service, the company currently employs about 550 staff.

Our core products include high-precision clamping systems, measuring machines, loading robots and process control software.

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