Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is RemoteScout24?
    RemoteScout24 acts as a leading resource for finding remote jobs in software development, design, marketing, customer support and many other fields in the DACH region.
    Our goal is to help professionals advance their careers remotely and help companies find the best remote talent.
  • What is to be understood under home office, remote and hybrid jobs?
    Companies are only allowed to post remote, hybrid, or home-office-jobs on RemoteScout24. At RemoteScout24, we define a remote job as a job where employees can work completely outside of an office (e.g. home office, coworking space, etc.) at any time at their own discretion. Hybrid jobs, on the other hand, are jobs where employees also have the company office available as an alternative work location. However, the term "home office" includes both remote and hybrid jobs.
    In addition, your remote or hybrid job must meet the following criteria to be posted on RemoteScout24:
  • Where are RemoteScout24 applicants located?
    Candidates at RemoteScout24 come from from the United States or Germany, Australia, Austria, Singapore, Canada, India, South Africa, France, Ghana, Ireland, Liechtenstein, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. There are also a few who come from other regions. However, it is in your power to specify in your job advertisement the geographical regions from which you want to target your ideal candidates.
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