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About the job


NOC Overview

NOC (Network Operation Center) is the central command and control center for ‘Transportation Execution’ across the Amazon Supply Chain network supporting multiple geographies like NA, India and EU. It ensures hassle free, timely pick-up and delivery of freight from vendors to Amazon fulfillment centers (FC) and from Amazon FCs to carrier hubs. In case of any exceptions, NOC steps in to resolve the issue and keeps all the stakeholders informed on the proceedings. Along with this tactical problem solving NOC is also charged with understanding trends in network exceptions and then automating processes or proposing process changes to streamline operations. This second aspect involves network monitoring and significant analysis of network data.

Overall, NOC plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth functioning of Amazon transportation and thereby has a direct impact on Amazon’s ability to serve its customers on time.

Purview Of a Trans Ops Representative

A Trans Ops Representative at NOC facilitates flow of information between different stakeholders (Trans Carriers/Hubs/Warehouses) and resolves any potential issues that impacts customer experience and business continuity. Trans Ops Specialist at NOC works across two verticals – Inbound and Outbound operations.

Inbound Operations deals with Vendor/Carrier/FC relationship, ensuring that the freight is picked-up on time and is delivered at FC as per the given appointment. Trans Ops Specialist on Inbound addresses any potential issues occurring during the lifecycle of pick-up to delivery.

Outbound Operations deals with FC/Carrier/Carrier Hub relationship, ensuring that the truck leaves the FC in order to delivery customer orders as per promise. Trans Ops Specialist on Outbound addresses any potential issues occurring during the lifecycle of freight leaving the FC and reaching customer premises.

A Trans Ops Representative provides timely resolution to the issue in hand by researching and querying internal tools and by taking real-time decisions. An ideal candidate should be able to understand the requirements/be able to analyze data and notice trends and be able to drive Customer Experience without compromising on time. The candidate should have the basic understanding of Logistics and should be able to communicate clearly in the written and oral form.

Key job responsibilities

Trans Ops Representative should be able to ideate process improvements and should have the zeal to drive them to conclusion.

Responsibilities Include, But Are Not Limited To

  • Communication with external customers (Carriers, Vendors/Suppliers) and internal customers (Retail, Finance, Software Support, Fulfillment Centers)
  • Must be able to systematically escalate problems or variance in the information and data to the relevant owners and teams and follow through on the resolutions to ensure they are delivered.
  • Excellent communication, both verbal and written as one may be required to create a narrative outlining weekly findings and the variances to goals, and present these finding in a review forum.

Providing real-time customer experience by working in 24*7 operating environment.

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Virtual Location - UP

Basic Qualifications

1)10+2/Bachelor’s degree 2)12-24 months of work experience. 3)Good communication skills - Trans Ops Representative will be facilitating flow of information between external 4)Proficiency in Excel (pivot tables, vlookups) 5)Demonstrated ability to work in a team in a very dynamic environment

Preferred Qualifications

Graduate with Bachelor’s degree Good logical skills Good communication skills - Trans Ops Representative will be facilitating flow of information between different teams

Company - ASSPL - Uttar Pradesh - D37

Job ID: A2637753