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Remote | Offices in Los Angeles & Houston


Please apply by email (see #9) and include an email about why the job speaks to you (#8). It's the most important thing, we need to know who you are and what you're about. It’s not your average job ad, and we're not looking for an average project “administrator”. Interested? Let's dig in.

  • Who we are:

GMV is a leading provider of Intelligent Transit Systems, specializing in supplying public transit agencies in the United States with cutting-edge hardware and software solutions for tracking buses. Our mission is to revolutionize public transportation by enhancing efficiency, reliability, and passenger satisfaction through innovative technology. We design, manufacture, and manage a variety of products and features, including driver interfaces, dispatch communications (both text and voice), passenger counters, announcers, GPS tracking, and reporting & data analytics. We have relationships with Apple Maps, Google Maps, Transit app, and our work goes out to millions of riders on those platforms. Our product is like air traffic control, but for buses. There are a mix of hardware and software products in this role. We hope this excites you!

The company was acquired in 2015 by a European company (GMV) who does what we do there, in addition to having a market leading presence in space and defense. We’re still led by our founding team and have a group of passionate technologists and transit lovers across our organization.

We operate fully remotely, with occasional offsites once or twice a year, and maintain physical offices in Downtown LA & Houston. You don’t need to be in either of these locales, but it’s preferred if you are.

  • This is a business, and we're here to serve customers

Our customers are public transit operators. Their customers are the transit riding public, which is often people who have far less than we do. Our job is to Make Transit Work for them. We take this mission very seriously, and to put it bluntly: we want team members who are here to solve problems and serve customers as our first and only priority. If you are looking for a cushy, easy job, or one with a lot of hand holding, this isn't the place for you. Our process is flexible and we’re interested in constantly delivering value in whatever way works best for the situation at hand.

If you want to be challenged and grow in a small team environment with high autonomy and see your work live on thousands of transit buses nationwide, then we are the team for you.

  • We’re hiring for your attitude

We value people who enjoy being wrong and learning something new about why in the process. We value people who challenge & support their peers, pressing them to be better versions of themselves and up-level the team. We value product managers who are curious, design-savvy, and understand how people operate. We care more about whether you can communicate well, enjoy technology and cities, and can translate complex ideas into simple explanations than whether or not you have professional product management experience. We’re looking for someone with tons of potential upside and we are willing to take a risk if we sense that.

We value interest in technology, transportation, and non-traditional, wide-ranging backgrounds.

  • What we need you to do in this role

We need you to understand the needs of our customers better than anyone else in the organization and build both short term tasks and long term plans to help us meet those needs. You must hold the line against any distractions that take our focus away from customers. You should be confident in front of our organization and our management team, backing up your assertions without attitude, and planting your flag in the ground for anything that will better serve our users. You need to know when to say “no” to keep us focused and when to say “yes” to the right new ideas.

As a product manager, you’ll sit at the center of everything we do and you’ll need to put together a deep understanding of business context, internal resources, market desires, and user preferences into a clear vision. You should be willing to travel to learn from our users and to work across every department and function within our company to help us drive value in the right ways. You will lead a team of engineers without being their direct supervisor, so your people skills are critical, but we don’t want you to be the development project manager.

You’ll be part marketer, part designer, part tester, and part trainer. You’ll have high responsibility, but also high influence. You’ll go from discussing strategy with our senior leadership team one minute to writing detailed acceptance criteria in a development ticket the next, or from spending one day riding along with a bus driver in a small town to spending the following presenting at an industry conference with agency leaders from across the country.

We need someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty in whatever way necessary, owning the success of the products they lead and guiding our entire organization to deliver them successfully to our customers

We're looking for a customer-oriented continuous-learner who will stay focused and keep our entire team that way .

  • We need you for the long term

We know. It's a frothy market out there. But if you take on this assignment, we need your word that you'll see it through – 3 years+. We can offer cash comp, great benefits, and a career-making move for you.

Our team is passionate, our product makes a difference, and your commitment is needed. Let us sell you on that.

  • OK OK we like to have fun too

Most of our work happens on Slack, and it's a playful environment. Once or twice a year we have offsites, and they're in fun places (our last one was in Vegas). We know this job description sounds all business, but our company is a small one with a great culture, and you're going to have fun being a part of it.

Let us show you this during the interview process, we promise you won't be disappointed.

  • Pay and Benefits
  • Competitive salary according to proven experience
  • Generous bonus program directly related to your own projects’ performance
  • Generous health and dental benefits
  • Generous paid parental leave
  • 401k plan w/match
  • Flexible hours and location
  • To apply, you must send more than a resume – we need to understand who you are

We don't need a basic sir or madam cover letter, but we do need to see you taking the application seriously, which means writing a note to us telling us why this job appeals to you. Just put it in your email to us. Some ideas for what it should include are: specifics about why your background (whatever it is) makes you well suited to this kind of role, an example of a time you fought for something a customer needed and delivered it, and what about our job specifically appeals to you.

The letter you write for us will be 10 times more valuable than your resume in getting our attention. If you send just your resume, it is very unlikely we will respond (but we’d still love for you to attach it to your letter).

  • How to apply

Email hiring manager directly “careers-na AT gmv DOT com” with the subject "Project Manager".

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