Hybrid Co-founder / Partner / Head of Content Marketing & Community Building

circleup  ·  Winterthur, Zürich, Schweiz · Hybrid

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Circleup – for professionals who want to keep up relationships – remember, ask, schedule, meet.

A startup with a market live app-based product. We need a dedicated and motivated CMO to build initial traction and accelerate the process.

Startup principles we believe in:

MVP Building:

Product-Market Fit:



Build and execute communications including product launches, user education, growth hacking, campaigns, early user community.

Your ad spend budget will be 0$ -> organic growth or nothing.


Willingness to commit substantial time to Circleup.

Content marketing experience

Substantial story-telling and content marketing experience

Interest in solving the challenges.

Intrinsically motivated to also use the product we're building -> which making it more efficient to schedule meetings with people you like


  • Substantial share allocation
  • Experienced founder as partner

Hiring process:

  • first conversation
  • meeting if possible
  • call with other people involved
  • negotiation of conditions
  • start
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